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AlertTrace: Digital Contact Tracing Made in America

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02/05/21—One thing that a majority of Americans can agree on is buying products Made in the USA.  According to a 2020 Hinrich Foundation survey, 75% of Americans are actively looking for Made in the USA products. With the new executive order from President Biden, his administration is bolstering the manufacturing industry in the United States and is mandating the purchase of Made in the USA products by the U.S. government.

Manufacturing has seen roughly 7.5 million jobs lost since 1980, a crisis in itself even before the challenges of COVID-19. Unfortunately, 540,000 factory jobs have been lost since February of 2020. The almost $600 billion the federal government spends on contracts per year can be used to support US suppliers that are furthering innovation and making a priority of their employees’ wellbeing.

“As this pandemic has made clear, we can never again rely on a foreign country that doesn’t share our interest to protect our people in a national emergency,” said the President. Federal agencies will utilize the Manufacturing Extension Partnership network to connect with and support small and mid-size businesses employing US workers in every region of the country. The return on this investment is creating well-paid jobs and rebuilding the economy. The government also plans to gradually replace its current fleet of vehicles with American-made electric cars and build back up the federal stockpiles dwindling during the pandemic.

At a time when many businesses are struggling to maintain safety for their teams and security in their incomes, U.S. based VOS Systems, the makers of AlertTrace, is in a unique position to be able to provide a solution that is not only simple and effective but is also Made in the USA. With headquarters in Gainesville, Florida, and offices in Dallas, all firmware and software are developed in-house by VOS with no foreign involvement.

Not only is VOS Systems excited to bring American innovation to this field, but is also honored to safeguard service members of various US military operations with AlertTrace, including the US Navy, through the Crane Division of the United States Naval Surface Warfare Center. VOS Systems takes seriously the commitment to maintaining the safety of our sailors and Navy personnel, allowing them the ability to maintain their essential activities in safe manner.

Businesses and organizations of all sizes can benefit greatly from implementing digital contact tracing with AlertTrace. Not only does our system maintain the privacy of users through secure, anonymized, encrypted data, but it also collects no location data. While seamlessly gathering contact tracing data, AlertTrace wearables also remind users to social distance and have been shown to increase compliance to COVID regulations by 80%. Traditional manual contact tracing is tedious work, and public health workers are bogged down with the incredible demand for services during the pandemic. In 99% less time, digital contact tracing from AlertTrace helps your organization do what it does best. Schedule a demo, and let us show you how your organization can benefit from effective electronic contact tracing.