Q: How many contacts can a mini store at a time?

A: A mini can store about 500 contacts at a time. So if a mini does not come with a range of a hub for a while, it’s okay. The mini will store it’s contacts and then upload them to the hub when it gets within range of the hub again.

Q: What cellular network do the hub operate off of?

A: Currently AT&T is the default network in the US. If AT&T is weak in an area we can provide for a Sprint or Verizon SIM. Outside the US we must first ascertain what carriers provide CAT M1 in the area and then must provide a specially-provisioned SIM. We can provide a network-agnostic versions of the Hubs that will automatically connect to the strongest carrier anywhere in the world.

Q: Am I able to see the cumulative amount of time spent in proximity between two users in order to follow the CDC's updated 'close contact' guidelines?

A: On the Dashboard there is a High Risk Contacts page that allows admins to search for COVID-19 positive users on a specific date or date range to see who they came into contact with for a cumulative of at least 15 minutes in order to detect users who may be at high risk for contract infection due to their length of exposure.

Q: Will the wearables alert users who come within close range of each other that they are breaking social distancing?

A: Yes! In the user dashboard there is an option to turn the ‘Piezo buzzer’ on or off. Turning it on will make the wearables buzz to alert the user that they are within range of another user and a contact has been made.

Q: Are the devices safe in terms of health

A: We certify that the devices, at magnitude less than radio energy, are inert in terms of impact on human health and are entirely safe to use.

Q: Can the wearables track users' locations?

A: There is absolutely no way for AlertTrace to track your location. The minis do not have the function or capability for GPS and tracking. The sole purpose of the minis is contact tracing.

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