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As the U.S. economy continues to move through uncertain times, America’s manufacturing industry is struggling to recover from the largest drop in U.S. factory production on record.

To keep a healthy and safe workforce during the pandemic, several manufacturers utilized AlertTrace to mitigate employee exposure to COVID-19, while in the workplace.

At slightly larger than a U.S. quarter, AlertTrace wearables are ruggedized Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices that actively detect other wearables within a customized range and register it as a contact. This data ensures the quick and accurate notification of those most at risk after a positive infectious disease test. AlertTrace helps keep employees who have not been exposed working, while allowing strategic quarantine of only the necessary few.

Manufactured and developed in the United States, AlertTrace was designed with tracing in mind, mitigating the spread of infectious disease while maintaining security. With encrypted, anonymous data, no personally identifiable information is involved. Leveraging optimized Bluetooth instead of GPS, AlertTrace wearables gather contact tracing information without collecting location tracking data.

AlertTrace is also an effective tool to mitigate other infectious illnesses. The Economic Policy Institute reported in 2018 that $58 billion each year was lost due to infectious illness alone. Utilizing AlertTrace, manufacturers can locate vectors for influenzas, norovirus and other infectious diseases.

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