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AlertTrace Digital Contact Tracing For COVID

How It Works


Unique ID’s are used to match employees to an AlertTrace wearable. Wearables are then deployed to the workforce – much like ID badges.


AlertTrace wearables, using real-time measurements, capture “contacts” when within a specific distance of another wearable. AlertTrace captures the contact with full data security and protection of personal privacy.


Critical contact data is viewable on our analytics dashboard. This platform can be used to quickly trace the contact history of positive cases of infection to alert those most at risk.

Engineered and Made in America

No Location Tracking or GPS

An Economic Investment

AlertTrace allows for seamless implementation

Easy Workforce

The AlertTrace wearables do not encroach on the private property of employees. Instead, AlertTrace is issued out to employees much like ID badges. This makes for less organizational conflict and better adherence to CDC guidelines.

Anonymized Data & Implementation

AlertTrace data is anonymized. There is no way to identify users from the raw data alone. Furthermore, we seamlessly upload the data so that the daily work routine is not interrupted. All alert trace data is encrypted and secure end-to-end.

Versatile Form

The AlertTrace form factor makes for easy adoption into a multitude of industries. From office environments to assembly lines, to construction – the AlertTrace device can be attached to a belt clip, a lanyard, or even a hard hat.

Long Battery Life

AlertTrace devices tout a long battery life of up to 6 months. This makes for seamless adoption within your workforce. Once the battery is exhausted, quickly and easily replace it with another inexpensive coin cell battery.

Plug & Play

AlertTrace does not need any infrastructure. It can be purchased and deployed in a matter of hours. Quickly issue devices and have employees attach AlertTrace to their existing badges, lanyards, belt clips, hard hats, vests, and more.

“At The Center for Early Education, we are committed to keeping our students and faculty as safe as we can when both return to campus for instruction. Using AlertTrace for contact tracing helps us in our efforts to bring our instruction back on campus during these difficult times.”
         —Erika Johnson, Assistant Head for Operations


“We would not have been able to get through COVID without AlertTrace, it allowed us to be able to manage potential exposure risks amongst the staff, in a way that was very sensitive to business continuity plans- which is awesome!”                                                                                                                        —Smashbox Studios


”AlertTrace contact tracing solution has delivered on its promise to keep our workforce safe. Not only do the vibration alerts remind us to social distance, but we’ve had no spread of the virus in our facility because we were able to quarantine the few individuals who came into contact with infected colleagues without having to shutdown our facility or eliminate shifts.”                                Dennis Costandino, Manufacturing Manager

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Purposely built to be effective, accurate,

        Tech Specs


Records all interactions within 6-7 feet of another AlertTrace device.

Contact data is anonymized to maintain privacy.

No deployment of cellphone apps to the organization.

Seamless integration with other enterprise solutions for workforce safety.

Secure cloud instance to view duration of contact, time of contact and more.

Specifications :

BLE Version: BLE 5.0

Secure data (BT encryption; TLS 1.3; TCP/IP or any required encryption.

Small & Lightweight: 4.6” x 2.4” x 0.6 /12 grams

Ruggedized & Waterproof (Rated IP67): Allows handwashing, showers & jets of water.

Replaceable battery life of more than 6 months.

What Makes VOS Systems So Different?

VOS Systems – the creator of AlertTrace – is a joint venture of two leading US-based technology companies: Ottogee and Blu Azu. VOS is on a mission to improve safety and productivity through the Covid-19 pandemic, or any other instance of infectious disease. Our AT Wearables are engineered specifically to provide contract tracing, while protecting the privacy of employees. Our AT admin dashboard supports employers with analytics which are derived from the AI built into our advanced IoT platform .

We are dedicated to utilizing real-time big data analytics to drive IoT-enabled solutions which increase worker safety and improve job site productivity while protecting wearer privacy.

VOS and AlertTrace are committed to the highest level of privacy and data security. Neither our devices nor our platforms require personal phone access nor do they enable GPS tracking of individuals nor access to any social media.

When you purchase AlertTrace, we use:

  • Our tried and tested analytics platform that integrates with your in-house solution.
  • Decades of experience in co-location technologies.
  • Military grade security.
  • Only peer-to-peer contacts, so no tracking of location or GPS.
  • Only information about the contact, nothing else – purposely simple.

To open and run a business during this unique time, you need to keep your employees safe because it will not only impact employee lives, but also the bottom line. Your enterprise needs to run at full capacity, while maintaining distancing guidelines and having taken all precautionary measures. Once you determine how to ensure employee safety your company will grow again. Buy Alertrace today. Why? Because it’s time for your enterprise to restart operations at full capacity.

Additional Add-On Features

Location Awareness

Trying to understand how space and occupancy are being used in your building? Without the use of GPS, AlertTrace beacons are provisioned to anonymously co-locate individuals within a building space. Clients use our beacon technology for everything from more efficient cleaning protocols to more effective emergency management and emergency response.

Automated Head Count

Get accurate headcount with the AlertTrace mini. Whether you are looking to capture attendance tracking and integrate that into your payroll system, or understand total number of persons inside and outside a building during an emergency scenario, AlertTrace can provide real-time headcount so you can better manage your organization.

Emergency Management

Emergency management professionals will agree, the more data the better. With AlertTrace, connecting human resources, space, and things provides the quick and accurate data in the moment you need it most. AlertTrace minis are a critical component in the effort to safeguard your organization during emergencies.

Asset Tracking

AlertTrace minis are built to be versatile in application. By connecting assets, places and things, get visibility on current production operations, utilization rates of equipment, tools and more, so you can create and optimize everything from logistics strategy to operations management.

Contact your sales rep today for information about our many useful add-on options!

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