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Improve Safety – Ensure that your employees are safe when a safety or healthy incident occurs.

Proactive Engagement – Increase compliance with increased transparency of distancing breaches.

Contacts History – Identify those at high risk, based on history, with our user-friendly dashboard.

Contact Tracing For Warner Brothers

“Here at The Center for Early Education, we are committed to keeping our students and faculty as safe as we can when both return to campus for instruction. Using AlertTrace for contact tracing helps us in our efforts to bring our instruction back on campus during these difficult times.”
–Erika Johnson, Assistant Head for Operations


“We would not have been able to get through COVID without AlertTrace, it allowed us to be able to manage potential exposure risks amongst the staff, in a way that was very sensitive to business continuity plans- which is awesome!”                                                            –Smashbox Studios

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​”AlertTrace contact tracing solution has delivered on its promise to keep our workforce safe. Not only do the vibration alerts remind us to social distance, but we’ve had no spread of the virus in our facility because we were able to quarantine the few individuals who came into contact with infected colleagues without having to shut down our facility or eliminate shifts.”                —Dennis Costandino, Manufacturing Manager

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