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Contact Tracing In Military

AlertTrace is proud to be utilized by several branches of the U.S Department of Defense, to mitigate COVID-19 and other infectious diseases. Our focus on cyber security, personal privacy, scalability and ease of deployment, proved to be an effective mitigation tool that can be deployed at a global scale in any military environment.

Keeping the military mission ready is vital to the security of our nation. The AlertTrace wearable protects the health and safety of the military through proximity alerts and contact tracing, while maintaining individual privacy.

At slightly larger than a U.S. quarter, AlertTrace wearables are ruggedized devices that actively detect other wearables within a customized range and register it as a contact. This data ensures quick, accurate notification of those at risk after a positive COVID-19 test, along with other infectious diseases. AlertTrace enables greater mission readiness, keeping non-exposed service members at their posts and allowing strategic quarantine of only the necessary few.

Because of the unique situations that our military works in, AlertTrace engineers developed auto-calibration software to accommodate these instances. This gives AlertTrace a high degree of accuracy, unmatched by other contact tracing systems.

Manufactured and developed in the United States, AlertTrace was designed with tracing in mind, mitigating the spread of any infectious disease while maintaining security. With encrypted, anonymous data, no personally identifiable information is involved. AlertTrace wearables seamlessly gather contact tracing data without collecting any location tracking data.

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How AlertTrace Minis Protect Armed Forces

  • Worn by your staff to track interactions, when one Mini is within range of another, the two devices swap data and create a contact.
  • User locations are never tracked while data is encrypted end-to-end and captured anonymously to ensure wearer privacy—only designated admins have access to wearer identities.
  • In the event an employee tests positive, administrators can quickly identify contacts to safeguard your facilities in a matter of minutes.
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