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Schools In Contact Tracing

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected educational systems worldwide. School closures impact not only students, but teachers and families as well. The impact is more severe for disadvantaged children and their families, causing interrupted learning, compromised nutrition, childcare problems, and economic cost to families who can not work.

To help schools reopen and stay open, AlertTrace has made it easy for schools to use digital contact tracing to limit the spread of infections and encourage social distancing. At the Center for Early Education in West Hollywood, Head of School Reveta Brown implemented the AlertTrace system to safeguard students and staff. “I was looking for something that I could use with 2 year olds or 12 year olds, where the price point wouldn’t be so high,” said Brown.

“Alert Trace was a game changer for us.”

AlertTrace is also being used to track other infectious diseases beyond COVID in schools. This utility allows schools to track things such as norovirus, influenza and even pink eye.

Learn more from one of our education experts:

“We all know that remote learning is not ideal for young students for many reasons.  Here at The Center for Early Education, we are committed to keeping our students and faculty as safe as we can when both return to campus for instruction. Using AlertTrace for contact tracing helps us in our efforts to bring our instruction back on campus during these difficult times.”

–Erika Johnson, Assistant Head for Operations. 

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