Preventing The Next Pandemic

9/27/21—As the global community fights the COVID-19 pandemic, there is current debate over steps to prevent the inevitable future pandemics. The topic itself is complex, with focus on researching diseases,…

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Your Mental Health & COVID

9/20/21—The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a tragic toll on the lives of millions of people, with recent numbers from the World Health Organization (WHO) reporting 4.6 million deaths and over…

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Essential Workers & COVID

9/20/21—From the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, jobs were one of the first things to come into question, as businesses temporarily or permanently shut down and people isolated in their…

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Risk Management For COVID

9/14/21—Risk management is a crucial element to protecting employees, and in return protecting the continuity and productivity of your company. Over the last 18 months as the world dealt, and…

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Delta & The Risk Of Hospitalization

9/13/21—As the Delta variant now accounts for 99 percent1 of COVID-19 cases in the United States, new research confirms that this strain is more apt to cause serious illness.2 Published…

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COVID Tests, Which Is Best?

9/13/21—As people work to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of factors are in play, including accurate and dependable testing options. The convenience of over-the-counter home test kits can provide…

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Teachers & COVID-19

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9/13/21—At the start of the pandemic, teachers faced a unique situation of transitioning to online learning. This presented numerous challenges, including adequate one-on-one instruction, ensuring proper attendance, and redesigning education…

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Essential Safety For Hotel Staff

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9/8/21—As technology increasingly permeates our everyday lives, more problems can be resolved through the innovation it provides. One sector of workers who benefit from incorporating emergency management systems are the…

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Your Children & COVID-19

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9/7/21—COVID cases have been rising all summer, and it looks like the trend will continue into fall. As vaccinations rise there is some hope, but for parents of young children…

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