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The American Rescue Plan & School Aid

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8/24/21—In early 2021 the American Rescue Plan (ARP), created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, announced it would be allocating $122 billion in relief to U.S. schools, grades K-12. The funds are intended to help schools reopen safely, with additional resources to secure precautions for the safety of students and staff, as COVID-19 and variants like Delta continue to spread.

Funds can be used for additional masks, sanitizer, cleaning staff and other preventative measures, including contact tracing programs like AlertTrace. Our innovative technology is affordable and easy to setup in any school setting, as well as scalable to any size school. At smaller than a U.S. quarter, the AlertTrace mini wearables are assigned to each student and staff member to monitor contacts made in school and trace any positive cases that may occur.

AlertTrace is proud to also offer the utmost privacy. Students and staff are not tracked via GPS, as AlertTrace wearables have zero location tracking, recording only contacts made between wearables. Many contact tracing programs require the use of personal cellphones, which students may not have, and teachers may not want to use for privacy reasons. AlertTrace eliminates those concerns, while providing accurate and reliable contact tracing data.

AlertTrace contact tracing is highly customizable too. Wearables can be programed with alerts to let students and staff know if they are standing too close to another wearable. These alerts can be customized based on how far you want students and staff to stand. While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends 3 feet, students and staff with additional health concerns or disability status may require further social distancing.

Along with AlertTrace contact tracing, our panic buttons offer fast help in emergency situations on campus. These small badge-like wearables are designed to improve the outcome of emergencies, by enabling faster response and more effective emergency communication between classrooms, staff, 9-1-1 call dispatchers, and incident managers. The AlertTrace Emergency Management System is in compliance with all Alyssa’s Law criteria and guidelines, and is another way to ensure safety is top priority on your campus.

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