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AlertTrace Participating in Live Webinar Series: COVID Tech Playbook

02/01/21—On Thursday, February 11, 2021, at 2 pm CST, AlertTrace digital contact tracing will join the Innovation Institute for Fan Experience in presenting a free live webinar featuring the technology powering the return to work, play, and spectate. As sports and entertainment venues make plans to reopen in 2021, The IIFX COVID Speaker Series program brings global thought leaders, decision-makers, and innovators together to discuss critical issues and best practices to ensure safety and security.

January 25, 2021 – GAINESVILLE, Florida – AlertTrace by VOS Systems will be featured on the COVID Tech Playbook, a live webinar series to provide sports and entertainment industry professionals with insights to assist in ensuring safe operations during the pandemic. “The process of opening a venue and delivering a live sports or entertainment experience has never been more difficult,” said Dr. Lou Marciani, director and co-founder of IIFX. “Not only must venue operators meet medical and government requirements to ensure health and safety for all involved, they must also convince skeptical fans that the risks of attending in-venue experiences are worth it. This series is designed to help make this job a little easier.”  AlertTrace makes it simple and affordable for organizations to help combat the spread of COVID-19 through effective electronic contact tracing. Along with user-friendly software, encrypted and secured anonymous data for maximum privacy protection, and no tracking or GPS capabilities AlertTrace also utilizes US-based manufacturing and development. The wearable devices actively detect other AlertTrace devices within a customized range and register it as a contact. This record of contacts enables exposed individuals to be quarantined in the event of a positive test, while the unexposed population can safely continue their activities as planned.  

“AlertTrace is already successfully installed on movie sets and at sports venues,” reports VOS Systems CEO, Omar Ghazzaoui.  “Reports from AlertTrace deployments illustrate improvements of more than 80% in adherence to COVID-19 guidelines, and a 99% decrease in the amount of time needed to conduct contact tracing. The data-driven support AlertTrace provides allows organizations to focus on doing what they do best, and enables them to do it responsibly.  We are proud to bring our expertise to this webinar series.”

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AlertTrace optimizes adherence to social distancing guidelines and provides unintrusive and private electronic contact tracing. VOS Systems, LLC – the company behind AlertTrace – has been enabling companies and organizations of all sizes to make data-driven decisions to increase the health and safety of their communities and keep their businesses open responsibly.

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