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When To Prepare For The Next Pandemic

5/4/21—When COVID-19 first took hold of the world, many were in shock that such an event could occur within their lifetime. But some experts weren’t at all surprised, after warning for years of our risk for a global pandemic. Epidemiologists say a good deal of concerning diseases trace back to wildlife, noting 75% of emerging disease as being zoonotic in origin. In this era of urbanization and overpopulation, distance between society and wildlife territory decreases quickly. The instances of related pandemics increase accordingly, as deforestation and habitat loss send animals into human communities in search of food and shelter. The Word Health Organization notes approximately 1 billion cases, and millions of deaths, every year are attributed to disease spread from animal populations.

“The time between these outbreaks is getting shorter and shorter,” said Dr. Tracey McNamara, professor of pathology at the Western University of Health Sciences College of Veterinary Medicine.

“It’s not a question of if another pandemic will occur it’s when, and we need to be prepared now, so that we can protect ourselves and don’t fall into the same situation as we are in right now,” notes Professor  Stephen Barr of Western University.

With global trade and travel essential to many, it’s easier than ever for zoonotic disease to spread. As clearly evidenced during the COVID-19 pandemic, the threat posed by infectious disease extends beyond the medical field, into business and economic sectors as well. With the extensive losses organizations around the world have experienced, and the trillions of dollars in relief supplied by the United States government alone, it is clear that proactively preparing for disaster can pay off exponentially.

Advancing technology has historically been essential to improving health and safety. When the 1918 influenza pandemic began, not many American homes had a telephone. The pandemic not only led to an increase in phone usage, but also was the impetus for more research and development of circuitry and switchboard technologies. These changes not only paved the way for more modern tech, but enabled a vast reduction in the number of switchboard operators necessary in one room, limiting their exposure to illness while on the job. Undoubtedly, the technology developed today to mitigate COVID-19 will not only assist in our current battle, but also have a profound impact on the way businesses, organizations, and the public adapt to future demands.

To help maintain social distancing in the workplace and provide rapid, reliable data, VOS Systems has developed the world’s most accurate contact tracing technology, AlertTrace. This system has been thoughtfully designed to protect employees’ privacy and make digital contact tracing work for organizations of all sizes. At slightly larger than a U.S. quarter, the AlertTrace Mini is a device worn by your workforce, securely capturing data when in range of another AlertTrace wearable. If an employee tests positive for a communicable infection, you will be able to quickly identify an employee’s historical anonymized contacts in the Admin Dashboard to safeguard your workforce.

This simple, scalable, and affordable technology enables companies to make data-driven decisions to improve health and safety. As we move toward a post-COVID era, investing in AlertTrace will unlock the latest technology for maintaining a connected and productive operation. Contact us today to learn more how AlertTrace can help prepare for other instances of infectious disease, providing additional safety and operation analytics for your team.