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How To Mitigate Disinfecting Downtime

5/28/21—As more businesses reopen their doors, sanitization is a key element in maintaining a healthy workforce and a safe environment for clients. For businesses outside of healthcare, manufacturing, agriculture, and food processing, daily cleaning with soap or detergent is all that is needed to maintain CDC guidelines. However, ian infected individual has been on location within the last 24 hours, the CDC recommends both cleaning and disinfecting of the space. EPA approved disinfectants can eliminate COVID-19, and the CDC says that closing off the affected areas from use is necessary until proper disinfection has taken place. These areas would include offices, bathrooms, any shared tools, tables, or work surfaces, and any shared electronics touched by the infected employee.  

Disinfecting services have seen demand soar over the course of the pandemic, and can charge from 50 cents to $2.50 per square foot. Whether work facilities involve a 400square-foot office or a 16,000square-foot warehousethose costs can add up quickly, especially for those with ongoing positive cases within the workforce. While disinfection is essential to maintaining open doors and CDC guidelines, it’s also important to utilize anti-microbial solutions only as neededErica Hartmann, a professor who specializes in environmental microbiology at Northwestern University, notes that overuse could lead to antimicrobial resistant super bugs, recommending restraint in their useIn order to most responsibly and accurately respond to any positive cases in the workplace, a rapid and reliable solution is required. 

With the newly developed Indoor Location Tracing Beacon, AlertTrace clients can make data-driven decisions about sanitization, keeping employees safe and productive on the job. Clients suggested it, and now AlertTrace is proud to provide this service to aid them in reopening in a health-conscious and affordable mannerMitigating disinfecting downtimethis new feature eliminates guesswork in sanitizationensuring only necessary spaces are shut down following a positive case. Location tracing data is collected by the same AlertTrace wearable devices that provide contact tracing data, all of which is uploaded to the Hub and visible in the Admin Dashboard.  But Indoor Location Tracing with AlertTrace is not location tracking; admins will not be able to see where employees are at in real time. Following a positive case, clients who have installed location beacons can immediately use AlertTrace data to put their employees and clients at ease, and further mitigate the spread of COVID-19.  

Through the dashboardadministrators can determine exactly which areas were visited by the infected individual. Not only does this save time and money by facilitating targeted disinfection of only the areas proven to be contaminated, but it also allows operations to continue as normal in unaffected areas. All workers who were not in close contact with the positive case can go about their daily routinesensuring clients receive the service they expect, and needless delays and profit loss can be avoided. Employees and clients alike can feel secure in the knowledge that all contaminated areas have been accurately identified and disinfected. Contact your account representative today to learn more about how to initiate Indoor Location Tracing for your team and reopen with confidence.